We ASK You Receive 

We A.S.K. You Receive 

Today I received a very nice comment on one of my photos on my athlete page, and as I always do I sent the individual a personal message thanking them. During this conversation I learned that a mother of 5 was going cancel Christmas this year because of lack of funds. This literally broke my heart. After I stopped crying I wanted do whatever I could to help. Then it hit me; why should I be asking for gifts this year when I/we could allow them to receive gifts, and make a real difference in people’s lives? I feel that we could fundraise, dig through our free swag, or start a movement on social media to help a family every year continue their holiday tradition.

We are looking to buy a few gift cards for this family. $1-$25 donations go to this cause for Christmas. 

Thank you, 
Justin Beauchesne 

ASK is 100% funded through the efforts of our team through fundraising and donations. No donation is to little or big.