My name is Matthew Hawkins. I became an amputee in 2008. I went through 3 amputations before ending as a RBKA (right below the knee amputee). After a year of insurance issues I finally was able to get my first prosthetic. I went back to work and my life.

After a few years as an amputee I started learning more about adaptive sports. I was always physically active when I was young. Soccer, basketball, skateboarding and snowboarding filled my days. When I heard about The Extremity Games 8 in San Marcos Texas in 2012 I decided to go and check it out. I registered as a novice skateboarder in the competition. Due to participation issues I got the daunting challenge to compete with the elite class of skaters in the competition. It was there I met Oscar Loreto Jr. whose mentoring helped me through the competition. It was a blast! I truly felt like this was the beginning of something something bigger. I followed up that great experience with the Life Rolls On competition in Venice Beach California. Even though I may have finished last, I learned important lessons and made life long friends. This was when I truly realized the value of adaptive sports programs.

Once I returned to my hometown, Kansas City, Missouri, I realized the options for adaptive sports programs were nonexistent here and throughout the midwest. Since Skateboarding has helped me learn better balance, given me more confidence, and overall excitement with my new life as an amputee I knew there was something I had to do to provide the opportunity and support for other adaptive within my local community.

With the founding of the Adaptive Skate Kollective I have begun the process of contributing to an underserved population, but we need your help. I encourage all of you donate, volunteer or share our mission on social media.  Our first fundraiser is a large undertaking and we can’t do it by ourselves.   

Adaptive Skate Kollective is a 501c3 public charity. All donations are tax deductible. Please help us help more people and show them there is more to life. 

Thank you,

Matt Hawkins



The Adaptive Skate Kollective, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to raising awareness for the adaptive community. They will soon be offering skateboarding training, coaching, competitions and hosting special events for youth, adults and veterans living with physical disabilities. Their goal is to open a training facility in the Kansas City area and create skateboarding programs for skateboarders, especially those who are adaptive, as well as offering after school programs.